Aspen Log Homes
Building Quality Log Homes since 1974
Awarded  the Log Home Guide Seal of Approval
Aspen Log Homes Product Information

*Delivery by Aspen Log Homes or....
*Customer can arrange for own delivery

*Caulk for corners and around windows & doors
*Caulk for lateral joints is optional
*Hardware - "T" Irons, Straight Irons, "L" Irons

Floor Plans
*Working plans/Blue prints drawn by Aspen Log Homes staff and approved by you prior to start of construction
                    *Start with a "napkin sketch" or a plan you like
                    *Aspen Log Homes staff will do a preliminary plan for your                                                                                                                            approval prior to completion of a final plan to be                                                                                                                                                used on the construction site
                     *When using a conventional plan to be converted to the
                                   log plan, Aspen Log Homes staff 
                                   will discuss changes that might be necessary to                                                                                                                                                maintain the integrity and structural stability of your home
       *Block or wood foundation preferred in our building area
       *Foundation must be square to within 1/4 inch
       *Diagonal must be equal

        *Standard quote is for low E glass, wood prime windows
        *Other options - Double pain, Triple pane
        *Window styles - Casement, Awning View, Double Hung
        *Brand name windows used - any can be accomodated if size allows for                       setting
        *Doors - Steel or wood exterior, screen, patio glass swing doors

        Roof (Vented)
*Standard 8/12 pitch (ensures 32" drip lin on eve to protect logs from
                                                                                            *Standard post & beam structure with ridge & purlin logs
                                                                                            *2x6 T&G decking from ridge peak to eve forms interior ceiling
                                                                                            *Standard R-40 with Rigid foam or polystyrene insulination for lasting
                                                                                            *30 year Fiberglass shingles (40 year available)
                                                                                            *Conventional roof system available
                                                                                            *Steel roofing available


*Log beams every 4-5 ft. O.C.
*2x6 T&G decking forms floor of loft and ceiling below
*Floor option to blind nail decking and sand & urethane for finished floor

     Shed roof
*Log siding to match 8" log profile
*Log railing
*Log beds
*Porch (open or screened in)

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