Aspen Log Homes
Building Quality Log Homes since 1974
Awarded  the Log Home Guide Seal of Approval
For the interior of your log home, Aspen Log Homes is able to supply you with handcrafted log furniture and decor including log beds, night stands, custom trim work and railing systems.  Also available are hand made oil lamps and decorative snowshoes. 

Aspen Log Homes can supply you with and apply the proper preservative for exterior logs.  We recommend that you seal interior logs with a Polyurethane or tung oil and allow exterior logs to breathe by applying an oil based preservative.  Also available is caulk for corners, around windows & doors, and for lateral log joints.

Aspen will work with you from start to finish to be ensure you log home is a quality home that family & friends will enjoy for generations.

  • Up-keep of your log home is a must
  • Aspen Log Homes has the capability of stripping your exterior log walls to remove years of tough finishes and build-up
  • Corn Cob blasting is recommended by the log home industry to open the pores of the wood, allowing oil based finishes to penetrate more effectively

        Mobile Blasting Services Available      

  • Corn Cob Blasting
  • Sodium Bicarbonate (Soda) Blasting
  • Crushed Glass Blasting
  • Super K Blasting
  • Others
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